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A scarce Doulton 'Rembrandt Ware' vase

£3,000.00 Approx $3797.47, €3504.67

Code: 10388


H: 23cm (9.1")Di: 18cm (7.1")

A scarce Doulton 'Rembrandt Ware' large ovoid vase, decorated with an oval head and shoulders profile portrait of Duke Senior from Shakespeare's 'As You Like It', within a surround of scrolling leafage, the reverse with panels of stylised foliage, the upper band to neck inscribed 'Blow Blow Thou Wintry Wind', the base painted 'DOULTON' and 'As You Like It', also indistinctly impressed numerals.

This very scarce Doulton 'Rembrandt Ware' vase is unsigned but is most probably the work of Arthur C. Eaton