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The Perth Hammermen Book  (1518 - 1568)

The Perth Hammermen Book (1518 - 1568)

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The Perth Hammermen Book  (1518 - 1568)


With Introductory Sketch by Colin A. Hunt


Illustrated, crimson cloth gilt with half red morocco (spine worn and boards marked)


Published  Perth:  James H. Jackson, 10 North Tay Street, 1889 


Hammermen Incorporations consisted of those workers in the several different 'sciences' or 'arts', as they were called, in which the principal tool used was a hammer.  These included Blacksmiths, Whitesmiths, Gunsmiths, Armourers, Brass Workers, Pewterers, Goldsmiths, Watch and Clock Makers, Carriage Makers, Bell Hangers and Saddlers