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Sir David Young Cameron

Sir David Young Cameron

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W: 13.5cm (5.3")H: 18cm (7.1")

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Sir David Young Cameron

British  1865 - 1945


Robins Close


Etching, signed in pencil, unframed (slight foxing)


Sir D. Y. Cameron was born in Glasgow.  Destined for a commercial career, Cameron began studying at evening classes at the Glasgow School of Art around 1881 and in 1885 he entered the Royal Institution, Edinburgh as a full time student.  Encouraged to etch by the amateur artist George Stevenson, Cameron was elected A.R.E. in 1889.  D. Y. Cameron had already started painting by that time and had two works in oil exhibited at the R.S.A. in 1886.  A member of the Glasgow School, he becamean A.R.S.A. and A.R.W.S. in 1904.  R.W.S. 1906,  A.R.A. (engraver) 1911 and  A.R.A. (painter) 1916,  R.S.A. 1918 and R.A. 1920.  Knighted in 1924 and appointed King's Painter and Limner in Scotland 1933