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Our Services

Our Services

With over 35 years experience in the world of Art & Antiques we feel we are well placed to provide clients with advice on all aspects of the business.  The following is a brief summary of the services we can provide.

Art and Antiques Finder - we realise that in this day and age not many of you have, or can afford the time, to make lengthy searches for that sought after piece of art or antique, vase or sextant or whatever,  either via the internet or especially in person.  Being active dealers, we view and search thousands of auctions, dealers stock and fairs each year.  If, therefore, there is a particular item that you are looking for to fill that space, provide that special gift or to complete or enhance your collection - we can help.  It is best if your request is within our field of interest but even if not, we are happy to assist in your search to help find that elusive piece with a modest finders fee upon successful completion.

Advice on Buying - many individuals can feel intimidated by environments they are not used to - such as auction rooms or delicate negotiations with a dealer - so if you spot something special, at auction or with another dealer, we can check it out, advise on value and negotiate the best price on your behalf.

Advice on Selling - we are always keen to be given the opportunity of offering for unwanted or surplus items within our field of interest.  We are also happy to lend assistance with most other items, be it a single piece, a collection or complete house contents.  We can assist by identifying the most appropriate and most advantageous means of disposal be it through a specialist dealer, collector or auction house.

Restoration Service - the restoration of Art & Antiques can be an absolute minefield.  We are regularly confronted with badly or overly restored pieces - which in the main, are to the detrament, rather than the enhancement of the piece.  With our help we can identify any problem, work out the best solution and find the right person to undertake sympathetic conservation.  (To the right we illustrate before and after images of an etching by Sir Henry Rushbury which,  prior to restoration was badly stained and foxed but after careful specialist treatment it is now 'as good as new' )

Valuations - we undertake the preparation of professional valuations for all purposes including Insurance, Inheritance Tax, Family Division, Willing Buyer/Willing Seller and Present Market Value.  Our printed valuations are fully certified legal documents and are charged at competitive daily rates.

Estate Services - we are well versed in dealing with deceased estates from providing an initial valuation for probate, assisting with fair family division amongst benificiaries, arranging packing, delivery and shipping of bequests, advice on the sale and disposal of all contents for properties large or small all carried out in a speedy efficient manner.  We also offer a complete House Clearance service.

Delivery and Transport - we can arrange delivery and transport throughout the UK and Overseas.





Before Restoration

After Restoration